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Equity & Diversity Review extended to 18 December

By: Frances Diver

Category: Health & Safety, People

  12.11 PM 22 November, 2016

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The data collection phase of the Independent Equity and Diversity Review into CFA and MFB has been extended.  

CFA staff and volunteers now have the opportunity to take part in this review until 18 December 2016.

Over the past five months, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) have been conducting an online survey, site visits, focus groups and interviews that look at our workplace culture and the experience of discrimination (including bullying) and sexual harassment among CFA members. 

The Review team has seen high levels of engagement from both staff and volunteers, and have extended their deadline for site visits and survey participation to enable the opportunity to speak with as many members as possible. All site visits will be coordinated through the ACOs and districts.

CFA provides a crucial service to the community, and all our members deserve a workplace that is safe, fair and respectful.

If you wish to participate, you can still do so confidentially and anonymously.

I encourage you to complete the online survey, or request a paper copy by calling VEOHRC on (03) 9032 3464.  

You can also use the details below to write to VEOHRC or arrange a confidential phone interview or face-to-face meeting:

  • Confidential phone line: (03) 9032 3464
  • Confidential email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Website:

The VEOHRC Review team will make recommendations to CFA based on their findings. Your participation will not be reported back to CFA, and VEOHRC will not name individual people or work locations in the final report.

The final report is due for public release in mid-2017.

For further information about the Review, please visit the intranet/brigades online page.

Frances Diver

Last Updated: 24 November 2016