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ESF Scholarship nominations now open

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  1.10 PM 16 January, 2018

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Nominations have opened for the 2018 Emergency Services Foundation (ESF) Scholarship Scheme.

The scheme has proven extremely useful to previous CFA recipients Station Officer James Wong and Operations Manager Stephen Walls.

In 2016 James explored the successful implementation of self-contained breathing apparatus technology and innovations, specifically targeting enhancements to emergency responder safety in situations where breathing was difficult and in complex environments.

In 2013 Stephen studied multi-agency training, education and professional development for Strategic Level Incident Managers.

Eight CFA staff and volunteers have been awarded an ESF Scholarship in the past five years.

Acting Deputy Chief Officer Gregg Paterson encouraged CFA staff and volunteers to reach out to an ESF Scholarship alumni member within CFA to seek advice on completing an application.

“It is worth noting the timeframes in the information pack suggest any applications would need to be back to Assistant Chief Officers and Operations Managers by mid-February,” Gregg said.

Alumni include Aviation Officer Wayne Rigg and Benloch Fire Brigade Second Lieutenant Carl Gibson, who, respectively, explored the use of aircraft to accelerate response time of technical/specialist rescue teams and equipment on the ground; and investigation of training methods to improve operational performance, resilience and safety of emergency services personnel.

The aim of the ESF Scholarship Scheme is to enable fellowships and grants to be made to members of the Victorian Emergency Services to assist them to undertake advanced studies in Australia or overseas.

This might be through participation in formal courses of education or training by attachment for study or observation with other agencies or educational or training institutions.

CFA heads need to fully endorse recommended applicants for scholarships, confirming the benefits that would flow to CFA if our nominee is successful and the proposed methodology suggested.

For more information about the ESF Scholarship visit

Last Updated: 16 January 2018