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Extreme fire conditions this weekend

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 7 February, 2014

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Fire conditions this weekend are expected to worsen due to high temperatures across all of Saturday and the forecast weather change early on Sunday. Grassland is effectively 100% cured across the State. Any new fires starting can be expected to run during Saturday night.

I ask all our members to stay vigilant. Plan for your own safety, together with the safety of your families, property and your community.

Weekend Intent - 8 & 9 February 2014

  • Safety First - Everyone comes home safe. Recognise that the safest action may be withdrawal or defensive actions
  • Reinforce the primacy of life. This includes members of the public, other emergency workers and firefighters
  • Reinforce the importance of issuing warnings and providing information to the public. This may be more effective than applying more resources to fires that are ferocious and uncontrollable
  • Hydration - the importance of supplementing water with electrolytes. (For every 2 litres of water, 1 litre of electrolytes should be drunk)
  • Keep the 18 WATCHOUT situations in mind and avoid burnover situations
  • Be mindful of the fatigue of our people and look out for each other
  • Hit new fires ‘hard and fast'
  • Ahead of the wind change, concentrate on the eastern flank
  • Aircraft may not be able to fly in strong winds and/or may not be available
  • All grasslands are close to fully cured, prepare for fast moving grassfires and try and keep them out of the bush
  • Fires will burn actively overnight on Saturday night and early Sunday morning
  • Plan resourcing for the next four days at Brigade/Group/District/State level
  • The resources you have may be the only ones we can give you
  • Fight the fire you've got
  • Be guided by the State Control Priorities:
    • Protection and preservation of life is paramount
    • Issuing of community information and community warnings
    • Protection of critical infrastructure and community assets
    • Protection of residential property
    • Protection of assets supporting individual livelihoods and economic production
    • Protection of environmental and conservation assets
  • Keep and maintain a log 
  • Reinforce the key community safety messages focusing on people living in ‘at risk locations'.

I continue to be impressed by the hard work and professionalism of our people. There has been a very significant commitment across much of the State. Thank you all for your efforts. It's critical that collectively, with agency counterpart and interstate assistance, this effort is sustainable.

Please also watch a video of the briefing held at Headquarters this morning.

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