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Facebook fans on the rise


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  5.50 PM 15 July, 2014

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More than 3,000 people joined CFA’s Facebook community last month, bringing the total number of followers to over 336,000. Another 344 people also started following CFA on Twitter. 

The increase in social media followers, which also includes 544 on Instagram, is in line with an overall rise in social media usage across Australia, with 69% of Australians now using social media, according to the 2014 Yellow Social Media report by Sensis

CFA’ Facebook and Twitter accounts are an official channel for warnings and play an important role in how we inform, engage and respond to the public and our members.

Over 300 Brigades are also active in social media and have their own Brigade Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Here’s a snapshot of CFA social media and web activity for June 2014:

Facebook –

  • 3,193 new page likes (total of 336k)

Top post in June:

Twitter - @CFA_Updates

  • 344 new followers (total of 39.2k)

Top tweet in June:

Website –

Last Updated: 16 July 2014