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Faces of CFA: Andrew Rouch

By: Faces of CFA

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  3.14 PM 1 February, 2017

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What binds CFA members is the common goal to protect lives and property, but you’re a diverse bunch. Every member has a story and Faces of CFA introduces you to just some of those stories.

Andrew Rouch, South Morang Fire Brigade

What is your brigade role?


Why did you join CFA?

I had heard many stories of bushfires from my grandparents around Anglesea and Lara and had seen the effect of Ash Wednesday on Anglesea.

On the day of Black Saturday, I was running a Little Athletics club from Eltham and we called off the competition at 8am as the temperature had already reached 36 degrees. I went home and watched the television pictures of the fires the whole day and tried to volunteer the next day. A couple of years later Eltham advertised for volunteers and I called and went to the station.

What do you do for a living outside CFA?

I’m an information technology architect working at ANZ Bank. ANZ support s emergency services with a leave allowance to cover attending emergency events as a volunteer.

How long have you been a member of CFA?

I’m in my fifth year.

What incident has had the greatest positive impact on you and why?

Being on my first long-haul strike team to Heyfield in 2013. On asset protection duty in Heyfield opposite the CFA station, a family came across from the caravan park with Super Doopers for all the members and staff to show their appreciation for the work we were doing.

What are your hobbies?

Online games, taking the occasional photograph and eating my wife’s cooking.

What is your favourite thing about CFA?

I love that we are all sacrificing personal time for a common goal of protecting the community.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining CFA?

Volunteering in the CFA is an awesome experience that shows how teams can work, gives leadership opportunities and a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017