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Faces of CFA: Leigh Roberts

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  1.41 PM 12 April, 2017

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What binds CFA members is the common goal to protect lives and property, but you’re a diverse bunch. Every member has a story and Faces of CFA introduces you to just some of those stories.

Leigh Roberts, Traralgon West Fire Brigade

What is your brigade role?

I’m the secretary and a firefighter.

Why did you join CFA?

To give back to the community.

I’ve been at Traralgon West for two years and my fondest memory is the amount of time and effort put into the Good Friday fundraiser every year. We’ve been a part of it for over 15 years.

How long have you been a member of CFA?

I have been a member for nearly 10 years: 9.6 years to be exact.

What was the first incident you attended?

The first incident I attended was the 2007 Hazelwood mine fire. I was there for several days and I remember walking in the coal mine amongst the mud and grime. It was definitely interesting and something I will never forget.

What incident has had the greatest positive impact on you and why?

Again, the 2007 Hazelwood mine fire. It really opened my eyes and made me realise that what we do can be dangerous and we must always watch out for one another.

It really made me the member I am today.

What CFA training have you got the most out of?

It would be the crew leadership course that I did seven or eight years ago which gave an insight into running small incidents.

What do you do for a living outside of CFA?

I’ve worked for the Federal Government within the Department of Human Services for four years and they’re very supportive of my CFA duties.

I work in an office and wear a suit every day to work. I like to say I go from shine to filth in a matter of seconds.

What are your hobbies?

Running around after my two children. When I'm not working or at CFA, they get all my attention.

What is your favourite thing about CFA?

The family aspect. CFA really is a family affair and when you join you become a part of the biggest family you could imagine.

In our brigade we sometimes get together for dinners or Sunday morning breakfasts. We try to do coffee runs and have a cuppa together.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining CFA?

Go for it. It honestly is the best possible thing you could do. There are such a variety of roles and activities. It really isn't just about fighting fires; we do so much more.

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Last Updated: 12 April 2017