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Fair Work Commission hands down decision

By: Mick Bourke

  10.34 AM 18 November, 2014

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CFA has welcomed the decision handed down by Deputy President Smith of the Fair Work Commission regarding the current Operational Staff Agreement bargaining dispute between CFA and UFU. 

As outlined in my blog on Tuesday, CFA had requested the Fair Work Commission issue a further good faith bargaining order to the UFU to progress negotiations.

CFA has been successful on this matter.

Deputy President Smith ordered the UFU to remove a number of items from the UFU’s log of claims.

President Deputy Smith found “… amongst other matters, that clauses 44 and 45 (or any demand which has the same effect) of the UFU’s revised log of claims cannot be pressed as it would constitute a failure to bargain in good faith”.

The two mentioned clauses both attempt to determine the number and identity of persons employed by CFA which is inconsistent with the principles of Re: AEU.

For further information in relation to this matter refer to an article published within Workplace Express which is a specialist news publication regarding industrial relations matters.

Further update

On Friday the UFU appealed the decision and requested a stay of Deputy President Smith’s orders which potentially impacts on any negotiations from proceeding. A stay is requested by the UFU for part of the orders to be put on hold until the appeal is heard. The application for a stay  has been listed for hearing by the Fair Work Commission on Wednesday, 19 November at 10:30am.

CFA is disappointed with this most recent update as we are seeking to resume negotiations to provide certainty regarding terms and conditions for our people with a replacement Operational Staff Agreement.

CFA is keen to continue to work towards achieving an Agreement which puts us in the best possible position to work together with communities to keep Victorians safe into the future.


Mick Bourke

Last Updated: 10 December 2015