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Fight Free February Daily Tip

By: Michelle Taylor

Category: People

  12.01 PM 10 February, 2014

Location: CFA HQ News, General

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Everyone has their own perception of the world and conflict usually happens when we have an expectation for others to behave and think like us.

We think that if they do not agree with our ideas or follow through it means that they are being malicious when in fact, they're not. Their reality is different to us, they have their own reasons for their behaviour even if we think it's not ideal.

A strategy is to step outside yourself and step in the other person's shoes for a moment and ask yourself :

Why would they behave and think like that? 

What is happening in their life that would make them be that way? 

What environment have they been brought up in?

Everyone's life journey is shaped by experiences and environment when growing up, therefore, no two people will ever think or behave the same. 

Once you do this, look at yourself and be honest, see if you can see what you're doing to contribute to the conflict. We do not know this but we send out an 'energy' of disgrace, hurt, anger, annoyance at a subconscious level, which makes the other person retaliate.

It may also be that you're not setting or following through boundaries or you allow things to happen. 

Even though it may seem like it's the other person's fault, to regain control and to reduce conflict is to take responsibility yourself - regardless of whose fault it really might be.

Last Updated: 10 February 2014