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Fight Free February Tuesday Tip

By: Michelle Taylor

Category: People

  7.44 AM 11 February, 2014

Location: CFA HQ News, General

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Ok so it can be frustrating to see unmade beds, messy bedrooms, clothes not put away, wet towels on the floor…and the list goes on.

We can have endless arguments about our views on what he or she could or should have done or said over a range of family and social situations.

Not to mention the clothes they chose to wear, the hair style, shoes…  So many opportunities to disagree, to create tension and for conflict to be nourished in our daily lives, in our family, in our home.

And does it REALLY matter? That`s the question we should be asking ourselves, before we nag, disagree or fight over an issue.

Certainly some things DO matter. Pick your battles carefully, I say. Be clear about your family values and how you would like your kids to understand them. Surely being respectful of others, considerate, caring…is what really matters. 

If you close that bedroom door, you wont have to see the mess. Perhaps every few months, you hand
a big garbage bag to your offspring to have a general cleanout of their room.

The wet towel will be wet, the next time they need to use it…. Their dress style reflects their individuality…

Sure we DO have a role in teaching our kids values and how to be responsible young people. That matters. Be consistent about what you role model and what you expect of them.

Catch yourself before you next comment negatively and check whether this particular issue REALLY matters. Is it serious enough to battle over?

You will be amazed how much you can let go of. Go ahead and try.

Last Updated: 11 February 2014