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Fight Free February

By: Michelle Taylor

Category: Health & Safety, People

  7.27 AM 6 February, 2013

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CFA is again getting behind and promoting Fight Free February.

What is Fight Free February?

Fight Free February (FFF) was initiated by Jane Libbis of Bayside Collaborative in 2011 with the first of what is now an annual campaign. Jane’s motivation was a desire to see all people become better equipped to deal with (and negotiate) difficult events.

The aim of FFF is to start a movement of individuals committed to finding other ways to resolve what could turn into a fight – with partners, kids, colleagues or… anyone.

In the first instance of conflict, if possible you should speak to the person directly involved and try and have a calm conversation.

Go to and register your email address to receive daily conflict tips.

Fight Free February can also be accessed through Facebook and twitter.

So why is CFA promoting Fight Free February?

It is simple, we know that there is conflict in the workplace and home that leads to stress which can cause both mental and physical illness.

Getting help

If conflict is causing significant problems in your life, seeking help is a good way to address it. CFA’s Welfare Services program may be the first contact point for people who are concerned about the conflict in your life. Remember, any CFA member or immediate family member can access
Welfare Services at any time.

Welfare services are short term in nature. Members with long term clinical or complex needs will be linked to appropriate services where relevant, such as internal services (WorkCover or Volunteer Compensation) and external community based agencies.

Peer support can be accessed through the Regional
Duty Officer, Officer in Charge, Line Manager, the Peer Coordinator or via the
CFA Welfare line (ph 1800 628 616)

Chaplains can be contacted directly or by contacting Converge International on 1800 337 068

Psychologists/Counsellors can be contacted directly by contacting PPC Worldwide on1300 361 008

Last Updated: 11 February 2013