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Fire Action Week, Command and Control, new tankers

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 29 August, 2011

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Fire Action Week:
This week, the Government announced that Fire Action Week in Victoria will be from 13th to 20th November. The week will culminate in "CFA Sunday" on 20th November. CFA Sunday will be an opportunity for CFA Brigades to open their doors, invite the community in to see what we do, and to celebrate the values and men and women who are the CFA. The CFA is providing funding to support brigades host a barbeque on CFA Sunday.

State Bushfire Command And Control Arrangements:
Recently the State Fire Control Team and the Fire Services Commissioner signed off on the revised arrangements for bushfire command and control for this fire season. I commend the document to you and encourage you to thoroughly read and familiarise yourself with the arrangements found at:

CFA Member Leading School Bushfire Education:
Congratulations to David Williams, who leads the Community Development team developing CFA's secondary school bushfire education program. David recently won the Australian Publishers Association Best Teaching Resource award for his book (co-edited with Neil Grant) From Kinglake to Kabul at the Australian Educational Publishing Awards 2011. David will be speaking at the Melbourne Writers Festival on September 1. Well done David!

Tanker Build Program:
The Board recently approved a fire appliance program for the 2011/12 budget. Included in this program were plans to build seventy four medium tankers. These will be either all-wheel-drive or four wheel drive (depending in the outcome of the tender process). These tankers will be replacing the fleet of 2.2D and 2.4D tankers. The decision to replace 2 wheel drive trucks with an all wheel drive capability takes account of feedback from volunteers, the Joint Equipment Review Committee and VFBV after responses to the recent floods. It also recognises our desire to improve our mobility and capability for all emergencies. The new trucks will be about 2,300 litre capacity and include a front mounted monitor and small diameter live hose reels such as those seen on the Concept Heavy tanker. The fire appliance build program also includes ten more Concept Heavy tankers. This is the second stage (a proof of concept) stage of the concept. Finally, work is commencing to design and manufacture a prototype tanker for use in mallee sandhill country. The design will be based on a six wheel drive cab chassis on super single tyres.

About Robustness:
To be robust is to be able to deal with the shocks of life and everything it throws up, but still continue in a pragmatic and respectful manner. Robustness includes being physically strong, emotionally resilient and yet still taking into account turbulent conditions around you. Amid reactions of emotion, panic or hubris, a robust person remains calm and communicates clearly. Rudyard Kipling describes a sense of robustness in his poem "IF": "If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you But make allowance for their doubting too, ...". Robustness is linked to resilience, an ability to endure what is going on around you, but also to be able to change and adapt to new circumstances or a changed environment. Someone who is robust is able to accept responsibility for things that may have gone wrong, but at the same time, take responsibility for putting those things right again. Being robust is having a high tolerance for news - good and bad - and being able to cope physically, mentally and emotionally with the rigours of extremes and the shock of disappointment.

 "I'm going because I'm a leader. Leadership is not about popularity, the press or spinning - it's about making decisions that put your organisation, it's mission and the people you lead first - it's about doing things that will allow them to be proud of their leaders and this is much different than mere popularity." - Sir Paul Stephenson (outgoing London Metropolitan Police Commissioner)

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