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Fire bites the dust at Morwell sawmill

By: CFA Media

Category: Incidents - Structure

  1.45 PM 14 May, 2015

Location: District 27 News

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Crews in CFA’s District 27 are attending a fire in a sawmill in Hazelwood North, Morwell, which started at 9am this morning (14 May) and has spread to a sawdust collection hopper.

The fire was brought under control at 1.10pm. Six or seven trucks attended.

Operations Officer Colin Brown said the fire, while not large, had created some access difficulties for firefighters due to its location and the material it was burning in.

“The fire has extended through overhead air ducts and has extended into a hopper where sawdust is collected,” he said.

“Our crews worked really well with staff from the plant to shut down power and isolate machinery to ensure the safety of our firefighters.

“We’ve got two more tankers on the way now bringing A-Class firefighting foam – we are hoping to extinguish the fire by flooding the area where the fire is burning.”

Brigades attending the fire at the Tramway Rd site included Morwell, Churchill, Newborough, and Traralgon (providing breathing apparatus support along with the firefighting vehicles).

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