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Fire Commissioner update 18 Feb 2013

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  1.14 PM 18 February, 2013

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The Fire Services Commissioner has recorded another of his regular video updates on the current fire situation - this time accompanied by an Auslan interpreter.

Craig Lapsley - Fire condition update – 18 February 2013
We're still in a very hot period. We’ve noticed in the last number of days that there's been a lot of lightning around in the weather, and very hot weather but we haven't had the wind which has been good.
380 fires have been started and most of them by lightning over the last 72 hours, and the good thing about all of those is that they are being managed well. Only a small number of those are still going fires so that's a good thing. That means DES, Parks and CFA have been very busy in their initial response and able to manage most fires in the first hours or so, a great outcome.
That means a lot of people are doing a lot of work, though. A 1075 fire-fighters, 245 trucks, 64 helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft, so aircraft fleet is big, bigger than we normally use and they’re very effective. 
So it's a busy time and we always say thanks to all those people out there in hot conditions. It’s not easy being a fire-fighter. Your out there in hot conditions. You’re out there in the dust, the smoke and you're actaully quite busy and it's very hard work.
So that's good but we also like to say thank you to all the families who let the fire-fighters go away and their employers as well, particularly those volunteers. It’s absolutely critical that they get that level of support.
This week continue on into the 30s. It’s on all week. It’s 30 degrees, mid-30s all the way through this week. The winds appear not to be excessive but at the moment we don't need excessive winds to see fires move around fast because it is so dry.
It's dry in the west, it’s dry in the north. There isn't any forecast rain. The best they’re going to say is there may be some forecast rain in the far east later in the week, but between now and then we’ll see plenty of lightening.
And the other thing that is worth noting is today's the first time we’ve used an interpreter and that something that we think is important, and we think it's an opportunity for us to communicate with a broader community and those that are deaf that need that level of support.
So we welcome that. The Auslan interpreter will be with this on a more regular basis, and we’ve certainly worked hard with VicDeaf to actually make sure we've got the right level of support in that area. So that’s a good thing and we welcome that so I hope that are more broad audience will connect with our messaging which is fantastic. So thank you.
Last Updated: 18 February 2013