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Fire Commissioner update 18 March

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  10.42 AM 18 March, 2013

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Victorian Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley gives an update on the current fire situation and forecast.



We have now made it to mid-March, and mid March sees shorter days, we have moved into Autumn weather. However this week again we've got the potential of very high to severe fire danger in the Western side and central parts of Victoria.

And that's all due to the fact that there will be temperatures in the 30's in the Northern part of the state, and we will then see very strong winds. The winds will be 40 - 50 kilometres through Wednesday afternoon - Wednesday evening, through the night and into Thursday. So I think the key thing to stay tuned to this week's fire dangers rating for Wednesday and Thursday.

We will then move back into milder conditioned but people should still be aware, certainly in the Western side and central part of Victoria that the fuels are so dry. They haven't had the rain, the rain has been Melbourne based and has been Eastern Victoria. So although we shared the excitement of a lot of rain over the weekend in some parts, their are other parts of the state that are dry and will remain dry that means the Fire Danger Rating will be a key part to it.

The message again is stay tuned, stay connected to information that you need to get. Know where to get the information, but more importantly know where to get it early. Make those decisions early about your safety. We are nearly to the end of what is the 2013 / 2013 fire season but there are still a couple weeks to go before we'd be happy to say that its over, and in particular this week again just focusing on Wednesday / Thursday.

Last Updated: 18 March 2013