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Fire Commissioner update 25 March

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  11.43 AM 25 March, 2013

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Victorian Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley gives an update on the current fire situation and forecast.


We are now moving to the end of the March, and it's interesting to note that this week we will have another one of those spike days. Wednesday this week will be in the 30s in most parts of Victoria, certainly in the central and western parts, and the winds in the forecast are going to be very strong. So the spike day is one that will bring very high fire danger and, coupled with conditions that are still so dry across Victoria that the rain has had little impact in most parts, means we will have a fire day of significance. So I think that's the one to focus on.

It's also interesting to note that we are now going to move into easter so the long weekend of easter sees the fire danger forecast only being in the high fire danger rating which means the risk is not really there, which tells people they can enjoy their break without being overly concerned with fire, but again the message is stay attuned to the local conditions and if you are traveling in Victoria think about when you are on the roads, where you are going, where you will get good information from, put a plan together, think about it, think about it in a safety sense, but there is no significant fire danger over easter.

We'll see milder conditions and moisture so there will be some rain around which we welcome. The Department of Sustainability and Environment this week will be doing more planned burns. Planned burns are where they put fire into the environment, managed fire in the environment, to reduce the risk, and starting today there will be fires across Victoria and if people want to know where they are go to the DSE website and listed there is the planned burns program, and you can get information about fires in your area in a controlled environment, so that is very important. That also puts smoke up and there might be smoke around later in the week and could even be around over the weekend so stay tuned to that and make sure you are aware.

We think this will be the last of these short videos to explain the fire danger rating and we'd just like to acknowledge our efforts with the Auslan interpreter. Mark's done a fantastic job standing beside us and making sure we communicate to a broad audience, and there's lots to be learnt now from what we are doing to communicate with the deaf and those that are hard of hearing across Victoria. It's something we wanted to trial with VicDeaf and they've been a willing partner, a very enthusiastic partner to make sure we communicate to a broad audience about fire and safety issues. We will learn a lot and this is only the start of something with VicDeaf, they will work with us over autumn and into next year's fire season and we'll learn about how we can utilise these services to communicate more effectively to a broader Victorian community. I think that is really important so I'd like to say congratulations to VicDeaf, it's been a great partnership, a great trial and there's lots to be learnt.

This is the final video and we think this has been a well worthwhile, well-valued video each week and hopefully all the people who have viewed it will agree that's it's been of the value we intended it to be. So thank you.

Last Updated: 25 March 2013