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Fire notes, factory fire and generous donations

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 23 May, 2011

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Important Bushfire Safety And Fitness Information From Bushfire CRC: David McLoughlin, of the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre advises of two important Fire Notes that were published last week. He tells us that Dr Brad Aisbett's team at Deakin University continues doing ground breaking work on the health and safety of bushfire firefighters. In the first, Firefighter Health and Safety, Dr Aisbett presents an overview of the Bushfire CRC work to date. In the second, Hydration of Australian Bushfire Fighters, principal author PhD candidate Jenni Raines, looks specifically at how much fluid bushfire fighters need to stay hydrated on the fire ground. Essential reading for all firefighters. These fire notes and all previous issues can be found on the Bushfire CRC website at:

Agencies Working Together: Factory Fire At Dandenong South:
Last Thursday Dandenong CFA responded to a factory fire in Dandenong South. Fanned by a fresh wind and fuelled by a cocktail of tens of thousands of litres of oil and oil based flammable liquids, the fire quickly took hold resulting in a high intensity fire in a concentrated industrial precinct. The response to the fire involved a number of key agencies. Incident planning and inter agency cooperation was outstanding from MFB, Police, Ambulance Victoria, EPA, Melbourne Water and the municipality. Incident Controller Paul Carrigg and District 8 Operations Manager Trevor Owen dealt with a number of critical business continuity issues in adjoining premises. District Duty Officer Michael Owen and Regional Commander Dave Sherry ensured that move-ups and response to numerous other incidents continued as normal. Over 100 CFA volunteers and career staff from District 8, including volunteers operating the new Narre Warren catering unit, attended. Many volunteers put in a significant contribution over an extended time - and we thank their employers for allowing them time to attend this incident. There was a strong CFA media presence coordinated with photographer Keith Packenham tirelessly capturing the event on photos and video. Overall, in spite of severe damage to the premises involved, this was a great example of CFA and many other agencies working together. Job well done ladies and gents! A good outcome to a challenging situation. See CFA Connect for some great photos.

CFA Integrated Station Staff And Volunteers Supporting The Royal Children's Hospital:
OIC of Geelong City, O/O Mick McGuiness advises that this year over $36,000 has been donated to the Royal Children's Hospital by integrated station staff and volunteers. The brain-child of LF/F Mark Hildebrand of Geelong City, the concept started as an "overtime tax" collected each time a staff member works overtime. At a number of integrated stations, volunteers have joined the effort by making matching contributions supplemented by tin shaking. Our mission is to protect lives and property, but CFA is an integral part of the community. The generosity of our people in supporting disadvantaged Victorians is inspiring. Great effort ladies and gents!

Eligibility For The Award Of The National Medal:
Recently the CFA Board approved important changes to the policy for eligibility for the award of the National Medal. The rules and regulations governing eligibility are clearly set out by the Australian Government on their web site (at: Eligibility includes: (a) service by a member to fulfil the primary function of the organisation; (b) throughout the period of that service, the member has maintained (i) a level of training sufficient to fulfil the duties of a member for the primary function of the organisation; (ii) a level of physical fitness sufficient to fulfil the duties of a member for the primary function of the organisation; and (iii) has been ready to perform, and, as required, has performed, the duties of a member for the primary function of the organisation; and (c) the member has served the organisation diligently. Diligent service is defined as (a) the service given by the person has been conscientious and of good standard; and (b) in the performance of the service, the person showed good conduct as a member of the organisation. Previous interpretations by CFA that suggested that service should be above and beyond normal service are contrary to the National Medal Regulations and should be discontinued.

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