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Fire Safe Kids Training

Early this week a number of volunteers and staff from various brigades across Gippsland came together at Traralgon Fire Station to complete the Fire Safe Kids training.

The two day course, led by the very enthusiastic Dawn Hartog, was highly valuable and enjoyed by all of the future presenters.

Fire Safe Kids is a CFA educational program for primary and pre-primary students, covering a range of topics in both home and bushfire safety and target each year level. Delivered by volunteer firefighters and staff, the free interactive and engaging presentations are designed to support the teacher with strong curriculum links for each grade, pre and post visit lesson plans and support material as well as a number of giveaways for the students.

Over the two training days, the fourteen soon-to-be presenters were immersed in information about the program, the type of skills required, the theories of how we think and learn, combined with viewing video resources, engaging in discussion to share ideas and participating in quizzes to discover their own thinking development.

The last day saw each member deliver their presentation to the rest of the group as part of the assessment process. All individuals did a great job and it was fantastic to see the various delivery methods and styles coming forward, especially considering the vast backgrounds the individuals came from.

The highlight of the day however may have come down to the special visit from Captain Koala himself.

If you would like to request a Fire Safe Kids session you can call 1800 799 203
(free call) or visit:

Last Updated: 06 February 2014