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Fired Up For Flying Doctors

  • The TTT crew at Maralinga.
  • Filming for the movie. The location is the dog fence on the southern border of the Tallaringa Conservation Park.
  • A man and his machine...Gary Craig from Oxley Flats Fire Brigade contemplates the day ahead.
  • Maralinga Automatic Weather Station.
  • The dog fence is electrified in some spots. An old fridge holds the battery and powerpack.
  • TTT movie is being screened at the Wang Cinema Centre on July 27th and August 10th.
  • The Anne Beadell Highway is one of the toughest roads in Australia: the photo shows why!
  • Each of the bomb test sites is marked with an obelisk. This is the site known as Taranaki.
  • The site has a caretaker, Robin, who runs very interesting and entertaining tours.
  • Emu is the first site for mainland atomic bomb testing. Its about 200kms north of Maralinga. This is the airstrip.

By: David Ferguson

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  5.44 PM 24 June, 2014

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The Firefighter's motorbike outback adventure crew Trek The Trak is firing up again, screening their latest movie to raise funds for the Flying Doctors, and preparing for another trek.

As previously reported in CFA News this group of CFA outback motorbike enthusiasts travel to remote areas of outback Australia. They film their adventures and then show the movies to raise funds.

In 2013 they raised over $2,000 for their charity, the Flying Doctors, and are aiming to better that total this year.

This year's movie is of the group's 2013 trip to Emu and Maralinga, the sites of the British and Australian atomic bomb testing programs in the 1950s and 60s. The TTT team was very lucky to gain access to this remarkable area, part of Australia's history and a place of national and international importance for several reasons. 

The team was also lucky to get to Maralinga at all as they were plagued by trailer troubles and also had to endure traveling on about the toughest track in Australia, the Anne Beadell Highway. Throw in a day or two of temperatures over 46 degrees and the team was very lucky to achieve its goal. Said SSO Carl Stibilj of Wangaratta Fire Brigade, one of the team leaders, "We had some of the toughest days to ride some of the toughest roads in Australia".

The travels and travails of the team will make for great viewing. The world premiere of the movie is on Sunday 27 July at the Wangaratta Cinema Complex at 3pm. There is also an encore screening on Sunday 10 August at 3pm.  Tickets are available from the Cinema Centre on 03 5721 5555.

As well as screening the film they are also preparing for their next adventure.  Having completely built a new trailer after the last one caused no end of trouble on the previous trek, they are ready to go back to remote outback South Australia. Fantastic support was provided to the crew by two Victorian businesses, G&S Chassis and Kulkyne Kampers and many Wangaratta businesses.  Their target this time is the remote Voakes Hill corner.  CFA Members from Wangaratta, Oxley Flats and Warrnambool and an Ambulance Victoria Officer will this year make the trek.  'We're really looking forward to getting out and about in the outback' offers Carl.  'We are traveling well off the beaten track'.  Which is just the way they like it!

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Last Updated: 16 July 2014