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Fired up for science

  • Filming for Scope

By: Leanne Wilson

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  11.14 AM 12 October, 2016

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Scope recently approached CFA to take part in filming for an episode on the topic of fire science. The episode aired on 8 October 2016 and covered topics ranging from fire truck construction and spark modelling to burn table demonstrations and firefighting science.

Scope is an Australian children science program produced in association with CSIRO and airs on Network Ten at 8am on Thursdays. Scope is a fast, funny and informative science show aimed at kids ages 8-14 which is hosted by science gurus each week, letting children into the exciting world of science.

Operations Officer Paul Elso and 4th Lieutenant Dawn Hartog were asked to demonstrate their skills and explain how we fight fires with science!

Scope Season 3 Episode 128 SCIENCE OF FIRE
Humans have been fascinated by fire for tens of thousands of years! And on this episode of SCOPE, we stoke the coals of that curiosity with an episode all about this chemical combustion! We learn how fire trucks are made, we use computing power to predict bushfires and we fight fire with chemistry! So get fired up for another fascinating episode of SCOPE: where the ordinary becomes extraordinary!For further information please visit the website at 

Last Updated: 12 October 2016