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Firefighters’ Memorial update

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  11.06 AM 22 December, 2015

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Work to identify a new location for the CFA Firefighters’ Memorial is well underway.

By Jason Skiba, Program Manager

The initial consultation process was completed in October, and involved speaking with families and brigades who have lost members, as well as input from across CFA via the online survey. This feedback is summarised in the publication "What the families, brigades & the organisation have said" (PDF 311kb).

From the suggestions received through the consultation process, we have written to eight regional councils asking whether they have a location they consider appropriate for the Memorial. We are also having similar talks with the City of Melbourne.

Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) is pursuing the creation of a separate Emergency Services Organisation Memorial, a concept supported by the State Government and the City of Melbourne last year. We have held some preliminary discussions about joining the projects. These talks are at a very early stage, and we remain focused on ensuring the CFA Firefighters’ Memorial retains its own space and identity, even if it becomes part of a larger site.

Our focus is about ensuring this memorial honours the memory and sacrifice of the 67 CFA members and 11 Bushfire Brigade firefighters who have died serving the community.

Finally, I would like to thank my predecessor Lex de Man, for his leadership and contributions. Having worked closely with Lex, including on this project, I know how much work he’s put in and how close the Memorial is to his heart.

We will continue providing updates about progress on the new CFA Firefighters’ Memorial, and there will be further opportunities available for families, brigades and members to have their say.

Last Updated: 24 December 2015