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Firefighters injured in Dereel fire

Four firefighters were injured in a fire which started at Dereel on Wednesday 27 March.

CFA Chief Officer, Euan Ferguson, said the firefighters suffered varying injuries and were treated at hospital.

“Fortunately none of these injuries were life-threatening and we expect the firefighters to be released from hospital this evening,” Mr Ferguson said.

The volunteer members were injured during the firefight at Dereel, south of Ballarat, when the vehicle they were travelling in collided with a tree in thick smoke. As a result, the truck became immobilised and the fire burnt around the vehicle.

“The firefighters enacted full crew protection and took shelter in their vehicle following correct procedures as per their training,” Mr Ferguson said.

“The crew should be commended for their actions and quick-thinking under such difficult circumstances.”

Mr Ferguson said the incident would be investigated as per usual practice.

More than 70 crews continue to work to control the fire at Dereel which has now burnt more than 1300 hectares.

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Last Updated: 28 March 2013