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Fireys restore hope for refugees

By: Josh Davis

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  9.16 AM 18 June, 2014

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Volunteers and career staff from Ballarat brigade attended the launch of Refugee Week 2014 on Tuesday 17 June at the Ballarat Town Hall.

Refugee Week 2014 raises awareness about the issues affecting refugees and celebrates the positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. This year's theme is Restoring Hope.

Soon to be Captain Mark Cartledge stated he was thrilled to be present to support inclusive practices at the brigade and engage with refugees and migrants. Heather Hutton, newly appointed Multicultural Engagement Officer for Eureka group met with government and service providers. Eureka group are committed to working closer with migrants and Ballarat's small but growing multicultural community. Ballarat City Council was selected as the state wide launch because of its commitment to inclusive practices.


The State Government, CFA and the Emergency Services sector are working hard to encourage refugees and asylum seekers to become volunteers in Victoria.

CFA already has refugees and asylum seekers as volunteers.

Over 90% of asylum seekers are found to be fleeing for their lives and granted asylum.

Refugees and asylum seekers can and should volunteer with CFA. As a community-based organisation, CFA must reflect the community which we serve.

Operational Training and Volunteerism or People and Culture can assist if there are any questions regarding CFA policy or if assistance is required.

Last Updated: 19 June 2014