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Fireys Support Flying Doctors (2)

By: David Ferguson

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  9.13 PM 9 September, 2013

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A group of CFA firefighters has had a successful month raising funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

As previously reported on CFA News, a group of CFA staff and volunteer firefighters are busy raising money for the Flying Doctor Service.  The Trek The Trak group go 'outback' each year, finding challenging parts of outback Australia to explore.  The guys produce a movie of their adventures, which they use to raise money.

In the past month the movie has been shown twice, raising nearly $1500 for the Flying Doctors.  The world premiere of the movie was held at the Wangaratta Cinema Centre on Sunday August 25th.  The theatre was packed and with donations accepted at the door and a raffle, over $1300 was raised from this showing of the 90 minute movie.

A second successful showing was held at Fiskville on the evening of Thursday September 5th.  Three members of the TTT Team, SSO's David Brock and Carl Stibilj of Wangaratta and SSO David Ferguson of Warrnambool Fire Brigade were all at Fiskville for Station Officer Assessments.  With the assistance of Recruit Course 2/2013 and SSO Paul Fixter, the movie was shown in Fiskville's auditorium.  Fiskvile staff Aaron 'Stockers' Stockton and Kerrie Layley assisted with booking the auditorium and working on the technology.  Attending the movie were Officers and Leadings involved in the SO Assessments and Fiskville staff and friends.  Unfortunately the Recruits had to study for an exam the next day but they still contributed to the cause, with $130 being collected in total.

The TTT Team are now preparing for their 2013 Trek, which will see them go to Woomera, Coober Pedy and then west to the sites of Australia's nuclear tests; Emu Field and Maralinga.  They will then head to the coast at Nullabor Roadhouse and trek east again along the coast.

Support for the Flying Doctors is still being sort; contributions can be made at the TTT Everyday Hero website:

Our Trek can also be followed at our website:

And now also on Facebook:


Last Updated: 19 September 2013