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Fireys suspended for Facebook comments

By: Martin Anderson

  11.00 AM 7 June, 2012

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It's not the first time firefighters have got themselves into trouble over inappropriate public comments but this story from the US is another reminder of how we can all be held accountable for our actions and words.

Under CFA's Media Policy and Social Media Procedure (links to PDFs below) all CFA members need to be aware of the implications of making derogatory public comments, whether that's to local media, at a public meeting, or on social media.

If you can be identified as a CFA member and you make comments that breach the procedures or related policies you could face disciplinary action.

Of course, nobody wants that. We want all CFA members to feel comfortable and confident in the use of social media to engage with each other and with the community.

CFA is lucky to have senior management who support the innovative use of social media and our work in this area was recognised recently at the Australian Government ICT Awards.

We should take advantage of this support in a responsible way. This blog from US emergency management social media expert Kim Stephens provides some good and simple advice - think twice before you post and don't be stupid! :-)

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CFA Media Policy 

CFA's Social Media Procedure

Social Media Quick Guide 

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