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FIRRE shortlisted for Fire Awareness Award

  • OO Gavin Wright engages with the Diamond Creek community at FIRRE

By: Trevor Kinsey

Category: Community Safety, People

  1.41 PM 31 October, 2016

Location: District 14 News, General

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Diamond Creek Fire Brigade’s Fire Insight and Risk Recognition Event (FIRRE) has been shortlisted in this year’s Fire Awareness Awards.

Last year the brigade’s New Parents’ Safety Program won the “Local-led Prevention and Preparedness” award. Being shortlisted again shows just how passionate the brigade is about community engagement.

This year the brigade decided to address the falling attendance at community meetings in preparing for the fire season. In conjunction with the local council, police and others they ran a meeting using fire predictions to show how a fire could impact parts of the town.

You can read more about the event in a previous CFA News article here

The power behind Diamond Creek Fire Brigade’s community engagement is member Fiona Macken. In addition to turning out for the brigade, she is dedicated to improving community safety. You will also recently have seen her name associated with stair climbs, raising money for charity.

Diamond Creek Fire Brigade Captain, David Murphy, was delighted with the news of the shortlisting and was full of praise for the efforts of his brigade.

"Diamond Creek fire brigade has been very lucky to have a volunteer like Fiona amongst our members. In her functional role as Community Safety Manager she has consistently gone above and beyond in her efforts to make our community as engaged and aware of the risk they live within," said David.

This years listing as a finalist for the Fire Awareness Awards for her FIRRE community engagement event is well deserved, as the event itself managed to attract and engage our community in a way that we haven't been able to achieve for many, many years. The importance of making the information relevant to the residents own situation paid off, with the result that one of our most potentially hazardous streets from a fire impact perspective, now has the residents engaged and active in their own fire prevention activities, with the possibility of them creating their own community fireguard group.

Whilst Fiona will be the first to acknowledge the efforts of all who were involved in bringing the event together, the reality is that without her motivation and drive, nothing would happen, she deserves full credit for her amazing work and is an integral member of our brigade.'

The winners of the awards will be announced at a function in Melbourne on Thursday 1st December.

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