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First aid at your fingertips

  • First aid online training is available from St Johns
  • Basic first aid training is available online from St Johns.
  • Fire ready meetings in 3 locations combined bushfire safety and first aid info

By: Sonia Maclean

Category: Health & Safety

  2.58 PM 7 January, 2014

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If your New Year’s resolution is to learn some basic First Aid, but finding the time to complete a full face to face course is difficult, an online awareness course might be a good alternative.

St John recently partnered with CFA to deliver First Aid information with bushfire safety information at local Fire Ready meetings, and following the collaboration, and are keen to promote the availability of tan online first aid awareness module to CFA members and their family and friends.

The module is interactive, takes roughly 45 minutes and is easy to do at your own pace. It includes topics such as preparing your First Aid resources, common injuries sustained in a fire, and management of burns.

While not accredited and no substitute for a face-to-face accredited training course, this is another opportunity for firefighters and communities to prepare themselves ahead of the fire season.

CFA members can log in by clicking on this link:

Fire Ready First Aid

Community members in Pomonal, Blackwood and Snake Valley attending CFA Fire Ready meetings brushed up on their first aid knowledge in December as part of a trial which introduced a St John first aid component to the format.

Given the success of the trial, it’s likely that the 2014-15 fire season will see more local meetings combining relevant first aid training (such as managing heat stress or burns) with bushfire planning, preparation and survival topics.

Grampians Community Education Coordinator Chris Carey said that high bushfire risk areas such as Pomonal, devastated by bushfires in 2006, would benefit greatly from enhanced programs.

“Even with the experience of 2006, it’s still important to come along to a Fire Ready meeting and get locally specific information,” he said.

“CFA presenters and local brigade members talk about local risk and the current outlook based on weather predictions, as well as providing new information on key topics such as community warnings and alerts.”

For more information you can visit or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Last Updated: 09 January 2014