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First two RRDS connections

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  5.19 PM 3 July, 2013

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Friday 29 June was a notable day for CFA, with the connection of the first two Regional Radio Dispatch Service (RRDS) sites at Kinglake and Pretty Sally. 

RRDS project team members have successfully made test calls and report excellent voice quality.

This small step represents the beginning of a nine month operation to construct and commission 193 RRDS radio sites, which will provide digital radio communications coverage across Regional Victoria.

RRDS will ensure that all CFA brigades can communicate via radio with a Vicfire dispatcher located at an ESTA communications centre. Currently 500 fire brigades across Victoria do not have direct radio contact with Vicfire.

Operations Managers are currently planning for district  transitions to the RRDS network, which will begin later this year and will finish in the first half of 2014.

More information and future developments will be posted here on CFA News & Media 

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Last Updated: 07 August 2013