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Fiskville Hotline and FAQs

By: Michael Wootten

  5.02 PM 5 March, 2015

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Further to my previous blog, I’d like to update you about the new hotline for people who may be feeling concerned or have questions about Fiskville.


The Fiskville Enquiry Hotline on 1800 628 616 is available to everyone, including all CFA members and their families.

It can also be used by non-CFA members, including visitors, other emergency service workers or members of the public. Please pass this hotline on to anyone you think may find this number useful.

We know that the future of the facility is in doubt, and we have put together the following Frequently Asked Questions to help answer some of the questions you may have.

How widespread is this and should people who have spent a short period of time at Fiskville be concerned?

The levels of PFOS identified in the two fire hydrants and two water tanks on the hot fire training PAD at Fiskville are extremely low. Advice from our toxicologist, Professor Roger Drew, is that there are negligible/low health risks to people associated with exposures to PFOS in the water. PFOS is not readily absorbed through the skin and it exists in the environment. Most of us have low levels in our bloodstreams, and is only potentially harmful when it gets to very high levels. We do not yet know the levels of PFOS, if any, in any other mains water supplies on the Fiskville property.

If you want help seeking health advice, please contact the 24-hour Fiskville Enquiry Hotline on 1800 628 616. 

What is the current status of Fiskville staff – are they on leave/working from home?

The entire contingent of Fiskville staff had a workshop at Melton on Tuesday 3 March to discuss how and where they would work while the future of the site is determined. From Wednesday 4 March, some staff will be working at Ballan Fire Station, while others will be working at other locations as part of their normal course of work. Some staff will also be attending training courses. We are currently investigating options for the temporary relocation of staff to a single location.

We are providing regular updates directly to Fiskville staff.

What about those members who have training scheduled at Fiskville?

One course that started at Fiskville on Monday 2 March was relocated to Bangholme on Tuesday 3 March. Fiskville staff are now working through the relocation of assessments and promotional programs to other CFA campuses. We will inform relevant members of any changes to training courses in the near future.

What support is being offered to staff?

• CFA has established a Fiskville Enquiry Hotline which is available 24 hours a day for at least two weeks starting Wednesday 4 March. This hotline will register the health, safety and welfare concerns of staff, members, visitors and others who are concerned about their health as a result of attending Fiskville. The hotline is available on 1800 628 616.

• CFA runs a 24-hour Member Assistance program for all current members and their immediate family, which is available on 1300 795 711.

• CFA runs a chaplaincy program for members and their immediate family which is available on 1300 687 327.

• CFA Peer Support can be accessed through your local peer coordinators, District 15 – Marie Bedggood 0428 312 495, District 14 – Neville Goddard 0409 042 528.

Will Fiskville reopen?

The future of the training facility is in doubt and we will need to ensure that if the facility is not re-opened, our people are properly and sensitively cared for and looked after.

I will continue to update members with any further developments.


Michael Wootten

Last Updated: 10 December 2015