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Fiskville Update #13

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 16 August, 2012

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Progress is being made with the implementation of the Voluntary Health Surveillance Program with some past and present members already registered for the program. We are taking every care we can when contacting people who we believe may be interested in the program in order to be respectful of their circumstance.

This week the CFA Board met and approved the management initiative to establish a Health, Safety and Environment committee of the Board.  

Board member Peter Harmsworth will chair the new committee with Claire Higgins, Ross Coyle and Don Robertson. An independent member will also participate in the committee. 

The Board also endorsed the inclusion of progress reports on the implementation of the recommendations of the Professor Joy Report as a standing item at each regular Board meeting. This will ensure the Board is updated on the progress to implement the 10 recommendations from the Report as well as the 9 remaining management initiatives.

Also this week, Sherry Herman commenced with CFA in the role of Program Manager - Informing the Future.

With over 20 years' experience leading complex projects across of range of industries, including the Victorian emergency services sector, Sherry is well placed to oversee the implementation of CFA's response to the Professor Joy Report.

Sherry's primary aim in the coming weeks will be to establish the formal program of work required to implement the recommendations and management initiatives from Professor Joy's Report of the Independent Fiskville Investigation and CFA's response - Informing the Future.

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