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Fiskville Update #15

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 31 August, 2012

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Since we announced the voluntary Health Surveillance Program a few weeks ago as part of CFA's response to the Professor Joy Report, the package has now been offered to 110 past and present members (who were identified as high risk of exposure).  From this group, roughly 20 people are now enrolled in the program. The Health Surveillance Project team will continue to identify additional members who may be in the medium risk of exposure group.

Work has also now commenced on recommendation number 6 of the Professor Joy Report, which relates to waters and sediments in the dams and fire fighting water quality.  In June, questions arose regarding the fire-fighting water used for training at Fiskville, which at that time was being sourced from both the mains water and the dam.

As we've mentioned in previous updates CFA has engaged the services of Cardno Lane Piper who are now undertaking a range of actions regarding the fire-fighting water quality, including:

  1. Preparing draft procedures for safer operation of the water systems at Field Training Grounds
  2. Developing a proposed set of consistent water quality criteria for CFA fire fighting training and procedures for water system operation and treatment 
  3. Undertaking a feasibility study of the options for upgrading and refurbishing the fire training water supply system at Fiskville and the Regional Training Grounds.

These activities will take several months to complete.  In the mean-time, interim measures for the provision of water supply for firefighting training have been established across our Field Training Grounds. 

Independent water testing is in place for all Field Training Grounds in accordance with Water Management Plans.  Although independent laboratory testing of water quality used for training purposes at Fiskville since June has confirmed it is meeting health standards, as a precautionary measure CFA management took the decision to cease utilising dam water at Fiskville for fire fighting training and revert to potable water from the town water supply. 

A summary of the measures, as well as the results of our regularly scheduled independent water quality tests are now posted on our website.

These interim measures, along with the work being undertaken by Cardno Lane Piper ensure that we have safe, fit-for-purpose water for fire fighting training.

Cardno Lane Piper are also continuing their assessments of soil and groundwater, investigations for buried drums, assessments of surface waters and sediments in the lake and dams, and the assessment and remediation of historical landfill.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015