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Fiskville Update #19

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 23 October, 2012

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A new above ground water tank was installed at Fiskville last week, further enhancing access to town water for hot fire training.

This new tank, along with a similar recently installed tank, is fully enclosed and contains ‘food grade' internal bladders which hold the water. The new tank replaces the previous underground storage tank known as ‘the Pit' (which was also filled with town mains water but was not fully enclosed), which is no longer in use.

The two above ground tanks have been filled with water sourced from Central Highlands Water who conducts routine water testing prior to being released into pipes/taps for general water use.

Although frequent routine water monitoring of the water in the tanks is not required, as the source of water is clean and the tanks are fully enclosed, CFA will organise water tests upon commissioning of the tanks to be undertaken by Central Highlands Water against the criteria in the Water Management Plan (A Class water) to confirm its quality.

Following on from that, the tanks will be inspected and tested for water quality once a month to ensure this high level of water quality is maintained.
Using the new 260,000 litre tanks will ensure we receive a steady supply of town water which will no longer be affected by rain water run-off and any associated clay or dirt particles.

As we mentioned in the previous Fiskville update, at no time is water from the dams used for hot fire training. The only source of water used on the PAD is now town water pumped directly into above ground water tanks (see diagram below).

In other Fiskville-related news, as part of CFA's response to the Professor Joy Report, Informing the Future, one of the management initiatives that we committed to outlined the need to establish a Board Committee for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHS&E) that would include independent membership with relevant expertise.

I'm pleased to advise the new Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Board Committee has been established comprising Peter Harmsworth as Chair and Claire Higgins and Don Robertson as members. The independent membership has been accepted by Rob Sheers.

Rob is qualified as a scientist and occupational hygienist and is an experienced manager at senior levels, including Operations Director for WorkSafe Victoria, the State Government OHS Authority. He brings to the Committee over 18 years of experience in optimising HS&E accountability and sustainable performance.

The HS&E Board Committee will provide oversight for the introduction of ISO 14001 and review of any health, safety and environment risk matters that may arise in CFA as well as any potential impacts on our employees, volunteers, contractors, suppliers and the communities and environments in which we operate. The Committee will also ensure that CFA's HS&E practices are promoted throughout the organisation.

The Committee held their first meeting earlier this month.


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