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Fiskville Update #20

By: Mick Bourke

  3.19 PM 12 November, 2012

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We will soon be renaming six of our field training grounds as part of the transition from regional management to central management within Operational Training and Volunteerism (OT&V).  The Informing the Future Program Office has recently led a consultation process with OT&V, regional leadership teams, and local training and planning committees to agree on the new names.

From 1 December the training grounds will carry the new title that will include the location name followed by ‘Campus’.  For example, Longerenong training ground will in future be known as CFA Training College – Longerenong Campus.  The other training grounds will follow the same style.

Fiskville will retain its title as CFA Training College – Fiskville.

Also, last week the Informing the Future Program Office led a workshop with the PAD Supervisors from the regional field training grounds and Manager Training and Development representatives.  During the workshop, the participants reviewed the regional training grounds’ core processes and activities to determine if any changes were required in order to facilitate a smooth transition to OT&V.  The workshop identified a few minor changes to processes and activities but also reconfirmed that the transition will be transparent to those who use the training facilities.

The new management arrangements of the training campuses will help to achieve consistency of practice, common systems, standards and processes, clear responsibilities and accountabilities. We will continue to work closely with staff and volunteers to ensure there is a smooth transition to the new arrangements.

There will be no change to the current training arrangements for our volunteers. You can continue to book and attend training in the same way you always have.

Over time, environmental engineering firm Cardno Lane Piper will advise on improvements to the water treatment and management systems and there will be other improvements for training opportunities available to members at the training campuses.

Under OT&V management, there will also be a review and update of OHS practices and procedures; the introduction of standardised environmental management plans and systems; and improved asset management and replacement plans to ensure long-term sustainability of the facilities.

The change of management will build on the achievements of the past with the objective now to enhance service delivery by providing a new focus on the management and operation of the training grounds.

The switch-over to the new management arrangements follows lengthy consultation with regional directors, managers training development, ground staff, volunteers and VFBV.

The change in the training ground management follows Professor Joy’s report – ‘Understanding the Past to Inform the Future’ and a review done by Brian Lawrence which addressed governance, systems, training, best practice and asset management of the training grounds.

Meanwhile, work is progressing on the establishment of a new green-fields training campus at Mildura to service CFA’s Loddon Mallee Region. This includes, a land survey, environmental site investigation and geotechnical investigations.

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