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Fiskville Update #23

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 23 January, 2013

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CFA has welcomed the Environment Protection Authority's (EPA) oversight of plans to assess and manage environmental matters at CFA Training College - Fiskville.

EPA has recognised the environmental works CFA has already begun implementing at the site, identified in the Professor Rob Joy Report Understanding the Past to Inform the Future released in July last year.

As we have said before, we are serious about dealing with any legacy of past practices under independent oversight. The EPA involvement also gives everyone confidence that this important work will be done properly.

We remain determined to see Fiskville continue its role as Victoria's most important fire and emergency service training facility for many years to come.

While some soil and surface water contamination had been identified as part of Professor Joy's investigation, CFA has implemented appropriate risk controls with the oversight of WorkSafe and Fiskville remains safe for staff, trainees and visitors.

In accordance with EPA requirements, CFA has already engaged an EPA statutory environmental auditor to prepare an environmental audit report.

In other news related to Fiskville, data gathering for the Monash Health Study is well underway and work continues to identify and locate all members of the study group.  Public notices announcing the study and its objectives were posted in various newspapers earlier this month, along with a process for participants to opt out if they choose not to be included in the study.

Progress also continues to be made with the Health Surveillance Program.  All of the known people within the relatively higher risk of exposure group as identified by the Professor Joy Report have now been contacted and invited to participate in the five-year health program.

Questionnaires have also been sent to Regional Officers / Assistant Regional Officers and to Volunteer Instructors who may have instructed courses at Fiskville during the period 1971 - 1999 to determine if they are in the medium risk of exposure group.  People and Culture are encouraging everyone who has received a questionnaire to respond by 25 January.

In total, 58 people have now taken up the offer to participate in the Health Surveillance Program.

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