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Fiskville update #26

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 3 April, 2013

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Work continues to modernise and upgrade the training water supply and treatment systems at CFA Training College - Fiskville.

Cardno Lane Piper's team of engineers has nearly completed the preparation of a draft design for the construction of a channel to divert Berembroke Creek around Lake Fiskville and they are now working with our Program Office to identify and arrange the necessary permits.

The draft design and proposed implementation plan will be presented to the management and staff of Fiskville in the coming weeks and representatives from the relevant permitting authorities will be invited to attend.

In addition, our Land and Buildings team are now in the process of hiring a qualified project manager who will be based on-site at Fiskville to coordinate the engineering works for the planned upgrade projects. The successful candidate will work closely with the Fiskville team to coordinate site works, manage contractors, resolve issues, answer questions and provide regular progress updates.

In my last update, I reported on Cardno Lane Piper's preliminary findings from their assessments to date at Fiskville. One of the key outcomes was that they found no buried drums in any of the suspected areas identified by Professor Joy. Cardno Lane Piper has since recommended assessments for buried drums in two additional locations.

The assessments will be undertaken south of the airstrip and on the golf course - slightly south of the areas identified by Professor Joy. These further assessments align with our commitment to a thorough investigation and are scheduled to commence in mid-April.

Progress continues to be made with the voluntary health surveillance program. So far the program has been taken up by 89 people from the high and medium risk of exposure categories, and our Health and Welfare team are still in the process of contacting and making offers to all volunteer instructors who meet the risk criteria. In addition, 58 people have accepted one off medical assessments.

The project team would like to hear from any career guest instructors who assisted with training at Fiskville during the years 1971-1999. These instructors may be included in the medium risk of exposure group and should forward their details to the project team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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