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Fiskville update #32

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 31 July, 2013

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I'm pleased to advise another important milestone has been achieved this week in the work CFA is doing in response to the Report of the Independent Fiskville Investigation - Understanding the Past to Inform the Future, prepared by Professor Rob Joy. 

You will recall that earlier this year, former Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe APM was appointed Independent Monitor to oversee and report upon progress implementing the recommendations and management initiatives that flowed from Professor Joy's Report.

Mr Walshe today released his Interim Report.

Broadly, the report indicates that CFA has made good progress with the program of activities and, at this stage, vindicates CFA's actions and intent to address and respond to the Independent Fiskville Investigation.

One of the key outcomes from the implementation program is the work being done in relation to environmental matters. The Interim Report notes that a wide range of assessments and recommendations made by environmental engineers Cardno Lane Piper have now been completed in accordance with the nine recommendations from the Independent Fiskville Investigation Report.

The Independent Monitor mentions this has subsequently resulted in the receipt of a range of outstanding reports which are currently under review by CFA. Several others are expected in coming months.

As we indicated in February, the reports show:

  • no buried drums in suspected areas indicated by Professor Joy
  • very minor soil contamination in two small areas
  • no contamination of groundwater
  • a small area of saturated soil containing residues from foams no longer used.

CFA is now considering these reports and will continue to consult with the engineers on the best options available before we take the next step.

As I have previously mentioned, all these critical assessments, remedial works, and new infrastructure, together with improvements to policy and procedures, will continue to be actioned in line with our planned implementation program.

However it's not a quick fix, rather a journey which we expect will result in CFA having one of the safest and best fire and emergency training facilities in Australia.

In the meantime, the best advice from environmental experts is that Fiskville remains safe for staff, trainees and visitors. And we continue to consult and work closely with WorkSafe and the Environment Protection Authority to ensure that it remains safe.

I encourage you to read the Interim Report July 2013, which is available here.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015