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Fiskville update #8

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 20 June, 2012

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Fiskville report on track to be delivered by June 30

Independent Investigator Professor Rob Joy has confirmed that his report on historic practices at Fiskville will be delivered to the CFA Board on schedule by 30 June. 

The Board will consider the report before releasing it publicly along with its response. I'd like to reassure our people that it will be made available to you as soon as possible following 30 June.  If you have registered to receive updates from us, you'll be notified by email when the report is available to download from CFA Connect.

Over recent months Professor Joy has conducted close to 300 interviews, had access to around four million records and identified 25,000 potentially relevant documents as part of his investigation into historic practices for live fire fighting training at Fiskville.

As agreed in the terms of reference, the report will:

  • Examine and consider the historical facts relating to the nature, acquisition and use of liquids, gases or solids for live fire fighting training at Fiskville;
  • Identify and list any documents or reports that contain comments on or recommendations about the use and disposal of flammable substances and extinguishing agents used for live fire fighting training at Fiskville;
  • Report on how effectively each comment or recommendation was acted upon; and, where no action was taken, comment on the reasons for and implications of such lack of action;
  • Identify the origins of the flammable substances and report on how they were stored, used and disposed of; and assess the likelihood of the use and management of flammable substances and extinguishing agents having led to contamination of air, land or groundwater at, under or beyond the Fiskville facility;
  • Identify the nature and extent of exposure to the flammable substances, extinguishing agents and fire water of persons on-site and in surrounding areas;
  • On the basis of available information, assess the risk that there are buried flammable substances, drums and/or other related contaminants on the site.

As we've said previously, and under the terms of reference, this report will determine the facts around what happened at Fiskville between 1971 and 1999 and we expect a number of findings and recommendations to be made.

This is an important and significant first step and, once we receive Professor Joy's report, we will be in a better position to undertake further work that assesses potential links between past practices and member's health.

Our support for the Independent Fiskville Investigation and our response to the report will continue to be guided by concern for the welfare of our people, past and present and we will let you know details as soon as they are confirmed. 

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to register to receive updates and to be notified when the report is available - you can do so via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy46806 + '\'>'+addy_text46806+'<\/a>'; //--> or by calling 1800 628 616.

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