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Fiskville water supply

By: CFA News

Category: Training & Recruitment

  4.41 PM 29 November, 2012

Location: District 15 News

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Fiskville is currently experiencing water supply issues due to a problem with the water pressure coming from Central Highlands Water.

“Central Highlands Water have advised us that the slow pumping rate issue might not be resolved until sometime late this afternoon or early evening – they’re in the process of investigating the cause,” said Operations Manager Justin Justin.

“It’s taking a lot longer to fill up the tanks due to a reduction in the water pressure.”

Arrangements have been made for a bulk water delivery so that recruit training can continue tonight.

“We’ll scale back the training tonight so the drills are shorter and sharper – combined with the heat we probably won’t run as many. This will give the firefighter recruits a chance for longer recovery time between drills – this is a good thing for a hot day like today,” Justin said.

Any drills that may be delayed as a result will be scheduled for next week instead.

Last Updated: 29 November 2012