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Fiskville works update

  • New site works at Fiskville
  • New storm water drainage near the PAD training area
  • Site of the new we4tland at Fiskville
  • Martyn Bona and Alan Harper confer on the progress of works at Fiskville

By: CFA Media

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  12.13 PM 15 April, 2014

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Major civil engineering works at Fiskville have moved a step closer to completion with some construction at the far south end of Lake Fiskville interrupted this week by wet weather.

Since January, a fleet of earth movers, trucks and other heavy construction equipment have been digging, scraping, and back filling around the perimeter of Lake Fiskville and the four dams linked to the lake.

The program of engineering works includes the construction of a channel to divert the Beremboke Creek around Lake Fiskville and the installation of improved drainage systems on the hot fire training PAD to divert stormwater away from the dams and Lake Fiskville.;

New embankments (bunds) have also been built to increase the capacity of the dams and Lake Fiskville for the storage of training water. 

The four dams were installed by CFA many years ago to treat the water from CFA’s hot fire training activities. The dams and Lake Fiskville are all hydraulically connected by a series of overland swales and underground pipes.

Other works include the creation of a new wetland to filter and clean stormwater before it enters the Beremboke creek which currently runs through Lake Fiskville. When the new works are commissioned, the creek ceases to enter Lake Fiskville.  Instead, it will enter the diversion channel at the northern end of Lake Fiskville then run through the channel to the east of the Lake. In effect, the engineering works will reduce the discharge of water from the water management system at the site, including from Lake Fiskville, into the surface waters downstream.

The new wetlands area now under development will soon be filled with as many as ten thousand indigenous plant species recommended by a local botanist based at nearby Ballan. The wetlands will not only improve the ecology of Fiskville but also beautify this previously barren part of the training site, creating a habitat for local birds, frogs and other aquatic species.

CEO, Mick Bourke says the engineering works address key recommendations made by environmental consultants Cardno Lane Piper in their assessment reports and are an important component of our Environment Protection Authority Clean-Up Plan.

"Once again the management and staff of Fiskville have done an outstanding job in the supervision of this construction phase," Mick said.  "It’s a credit to them and the highly professional team provided by the local earth works contractor that this major engineering project has been essentially completed inside four months."

"These latest improvements at Fiskville will give our members confidence that they have access to one of the best training facilities in Australia that has appropriate risk controls in place for a safe training environment.  These essential improvements and upgrades to the site have been reviewed by an independent EPA statutory auditor, as well as being monitored by the Independent Fiskville Monitor,former Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe."

"This oversight provides assurance to our members and the public that CFA is effectively implementing the recommendations and initiatives to which it committed in its response to the Professor Joy Report."

"In the near future we will begin to assess solution options for the next stage of works at Fiskville, which will include the remediation of the surface waters and sediments in the dams and Lake Fiskville," Mick added.

Last Updated: 15 April 2014