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Flare off at Melton

By: Blair Dellemijn

Category: Incidents - Vehicle / Rescue / Hazmat

  9.28 PM 11 September, 2013

Location: District 14 News

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Just before 8pm on Thursday evening (5 September), Melton brigade was paged to a reported "car leaking gas" at the local BP service station.

Being about 200m from the fire station, it was a very quick response for the pumper and rescue, who arrived to find a car in the forecourt of the service station, with a very pungent odour of gas emanating from the rear.

With the service station put in lockdown, firefighters in breathing apparatus, with a gas detector and a hoseline, approached the car to try to isolate the gas. Unfortunately, this could not be achieved, so Station Officer Kneeshaw requested Hoppers Crossing's Flare Off Unit to come on Code 1. With their expertise in LPG tanks, the thought was to see if they had a way to isolate it, or to flare it off.

Once on scene, members from Hoppers Crossing decided to flare off the excess gas from the suspect tank. With a nearby restaurant ordered to keep all of its customers inside for a short time, firefighters proceeded to flare off the excess gas.

Appliances on scene were;

Melton - Pumper, Rescue, Tanker, Car.

Hoppers Crossing Support.

The Incident Controller of this event was Station Officer Craig Kneeshaw from Melton brigade.

Pictures by Blair Dellemijn - CFA Photographer. 

Last Updated: 12 September 2013