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Flash mob, fuel reduction, Culture Survey

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 26 April, 2012

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Flash Mob From Gordon:
The initiative and inspiration from our members is truly amazing. Check out the video link on CFA Connect at: CFA's Diane Lawson led a "flash mob" of Gordon Fire Brigade members in Ballarat's Bridge Street Mall last week. Their message was about volunteering and winter fire safety. As Diane said to the gathered media: "Most people only get to see us on the job, not as an all-singing, all-dancing mob of flash." A great, positive and fun way to get the message across. Great work Diane and team!

Successful Fuel Reduction Burn At Cardinia:
Allan Budziarski, who is Vegetation Management Officer at Southern Metro has advised of a very successful 62 ha burn carried out last week. Robbie Irving (Upper Beaconsfield) was burn OIC and was mentored by Wildfire Instructor Mark Barille. Resources were drawn from Upper Beaconsfield, Bunyip, DSE, and Melbourne Water Corporation. Allan reports that Approx 500 litres of water utilised throughout the entire duration of the burn (approx the same amount of burner mix!!). Ecological values that were accounted for in the planning stage included habitats for the Powerful Owl Habitat, Musk duck and Blue Billed duck and sensitive riparian zones. Allan says that further burns are planned for spring 2012. This is important and valued work. Terrific effort, and thank you!

"Creating Our Future Together" - Culture Survey:
As part of the Creating Our Future Together process, 2000 CFA members are being asked to participate in a survey on organisational culture. This voluntary survey will help us to better understand our current culture, and how we can work towards achieving our preferred culture. This supports our goal of building a high performing, highly successful organisation. Members being asked to participate in the survey have been selected at random and represent a cross-section of the organisation including operational and non-operational staff, volunteer and paid members and males and females. CFA and VFBV Board members, senior leaders, District VFBV Presidents, DPC Chairpersons and District operational leaders will be included. I commend the survey to you.

Improved Information Technology Connections:
In my travels around major volunteer and integrated stations I have heard a number of complaints about slow download speeds for computer connections - especially for downloading emails and attachments. Director Business Services, Michael Wootten has advised that, as a result of changed funding and contract arrangements with Telstra, connection upgrades have been completed at 17 busy volunteer and integrated stations. Work progresses at another 14 other locations.

AIIMS Fourth Edition Review:
AFAC is leading a review of the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System. AFAC has proposed five work groups - each with multi-member participation - to research specific themes and provide advice to the Steering committee and AFAC Council. The AIIMS themes include: (1) Structure and Guidance (OM Stephen Walls); (2) Information Flow (OM Mark Gilmore); (3) Planning Processes (OO David Harris); (4) Incident Classification (RC Peter O'Keefe); and (5) Supporting materials for IMT member skills (Claire Johnson from CFA HQ's). Where appropriate, I have indicated CFA or Victorian members on the work group or reference group for each theme. In the initial instance, if you have a particular interest in one of these themes, please contact these members. DCO Steve Warrington is representing CFA on the overall project Steering Committee.

"Firefighter's Fives":
As leaders in CFA we should do everything we can to pass on the wisdom and skills we have attained over the years. A useful tool is "Firefighter's Fives". This is a short facilitated discussion on a specific subject. Examples may be to discuss one of the watchout situations, dynamic risk assessment or how to give a "Word Back". Firefighter's Fives are a good way of filling in time and focussing in on safety.

"Everything that is not necessary is an encumbrance."

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