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Floating Debris in Port Philip

  • CG171 Crew with Foam Insulation

Queenslciff Coast Guard crews were tasked to search for a reported floating dinghy in Port Philip.

A windy Sunday afternoon and Coast Guard Queenscliff receives a task to search for a possible dinghy floating off Indented Head. Skipper Gary, crewman Ric and new member Andrew on his first job head out. The call comes from Dave who has seen something about in the water about two kilometres offshore.


As our Coast Guard vessel passes St. Leonards we phone Dave for more information. Standing on shore Dave, a recreational fisherman, has kept the”Vessel” insight and though we can’t yet see it, Dave tells us to come to a stop. “Turn right 90 degrees and it should be about 1km dead ahead of you” After a few minutes we spot something in the water and slow down to approach. It looks like a partially submerged white dinghy. Our target is almost alongside when we recognize a piece of builder’s insulation. The thin white strip resembling a partly submerged boat. We call Dave and confirm this is the target we were seeking. Despite his apologies for the goose chase, we thank him for a great job in reporting and then keeping the target under observation.  Had this been a dinghy with someone injured aboard Dave’s actions may well have saved a life. We retrieved the insulation for disposal standing ashore and returned to Queenscliff. A simple job done quickly and efficiently. Thanks to Dave from Indented Head for your good work. Always keep a good lookout on or near the water.


Attached: Photo of New member Andrew Osler (Left) and Skipper Gary Tomlins (Right) and sections of the lost “Vessel”

Last Updated: 13 July 2014