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Footy fever after hot Canadian summer

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  2.22 PM 29 August, 2017

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On Saturday (26 August) CFA firey Wayne Rigg and his partner were invited to attend the AFL Round 23 match which saw Collinwood battling Melbourne at the MCG.

The invitation came after Wayne was interviewed by Collingwood President Eddie McGuire on the Triple M Hot Breakfast radio program whilst he was on deployment in British Columbia to assist with the wildfire emergency in Canada.

“2017 has seen Australia’s largest deployment to Canada, with over 220 personnel from all states and territories deployed to assist with the wildfire emergency,” said Wayne.

“The fires are now recorded as the worst in the history for the Province (surpassing the 1958 record) with over 1,000,000 hectares burnt and the longest State of Emergency in place in the Provinces history, this State of emergency remains in place until at least 1 September.”

Over 3600 personnel are assisting with the fires including personnel from Australia, USA, Mexico and New Zealand.

Eddie invited Wayne to attend Saturday’s game as a way of saying thanks to all the fire and emergency personnel who have been deployed from Australia.

“It was a pleasure to attend the Legends Dining in the Harrison Room, hear from Pies legend Gavin Crosisca and then watch the game,” said Wayne.

“It was also fantastic to see the Pies win and kick the Demons out of the finals - and a sweet victory given I had been paying 6 packs to Melbourne fans all year after the Pies have lost the last 2 games against the Dees, so I got some of my beer back.

“CFA and footy clubs are very similar in that they rely on an entire team both on and off the field to be successful.

“In Victoria we have the mantra of “we work as one” and the Collingwood Football club has the saying of “Side by Side.”

“If we pause and think about that for a minute as we head into what is looking like another long and tiring fire season, it is important that we adopt a “Side by side we stick together” attitude to ensure the safety and welfare of each other and do all that we can to reduce the impact on the communities that we are here to protect.

“It was a kind gesture for the Collingwood President to invite me and whilst I didn’t get to meet Eddie, I really appreciate the hospitality of the Collingwood Football Club and maybe I’ll get the chance to meet Eddie sometime in the near future.

Last Updated: 29 August 2017