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Forest carbon management webinar

By: Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC

Category: Environment, Planning & Research

  2.04 PM 19 March, 2014

Location: General

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The next Bushfire CRC webinar details findings from forty fuel reduction burns in eucalyptus forests across southern Australia. The study measured biomass before and immediately after fire to derive fuel loads. Experimental sites extended from warm temperate forests (Queensland) to cool temperate (Tasmania), and included relatively dry forests (South Australia).

The webinar takes place at 12 noon on Wednesday 26 March. Registration is free, click here to register your details. The recommended pre-reading is this Fire Note, while more information is available on the project page.

Project leader Dr Chris Weston from the University of Melbourne will detail results of the study, which will allow fire managers to be more confident in the carbon balance outcomes of fuel reduction burning. The results also open the possibility for better estimating fuel loads and their characteristics from relationships between forest net primary productivity, forest age and time since last fire. Reducing the risk of bushfire at a landscape scale is a top priority for fire and land managers in Australia and this research offers the prospect of generating more accurate fuel load and fuel structure predictions for fire management and emissions modelling, as well as understanding the impacts of climate variability on fuels.

Join the webinar to learn more about these important land management discoveries.

Who is the webinar ideal for?

Those working in the following areas will benefit greatly from this webinar:

  • land managers
  • strategic planners
  • risk managers
  • fire management
  • emissions managemen

Missed the webinars so far?

That's okay, all can be replayed on the Bushfire CRC website. So far:

  • Michael Eburn from ANU has covered law and policy for emergency services
  • La Trobe‚Äôs Jim McLennan discussed behaviour and decision making research
  • Fabienne Reisen, of CSIRO, focused on understanding air toxins in the rural/urban interface.
  • The Bureau of Metrology's Jeff Kepert explained the latest research into extreme fire weather and modelling ember transport

Launched in late 2013 and scheduled through to June 2014, the free webinars are part of the ongoing research utilisation activities, aimed at getting the research outcomes to Bushfire CRC partners to enable implementation as appropriate. More webinars will be scheduled for the future. See the Bushfire CRC website for details. Researchers are also available to speak to CFA. Visit the Speakers Bureau to register your interest.

Last Updated: 19 March 2014