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Former DCO honoured

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  12.24 PM 10 June, 2013

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Former CFA Deputy Chief Officer Geoff Conway has been recognised for his 30 years of dedicated service. Today he received an Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM).

Geoff was involved with CFA from a very young age. Growing up in Briagolong, it was just what people did.

“If you have a pulse, you’re a part of it,” he said.

Geoffrey attributes his success at CFA mainly to luck and the people he has met and associated with throughout his long career as both a volunteer and paid firefighter, but this is just his humble nature.

In his own opinion, his greatest achievement was not rising through the ranks of CFA, but his ability to help and nurture the skills of volunteers and to help others to gain higher positions and knowledge.

Geoff’s humble nature downplays the key role he has played at CFA but receiving an AFSM his accomplishments and lengthy service is set to be recognised at the Queen’s Birthday award ceremony.

When asked what qualities he possesse that had allowed him to accomplish the things he has during his career, he laughed and put it down to luck, but Geoff is well known for the hard work he does at CFA and also the community as a whole.

Through Geoff’s leadership and intelligence, CFA was able to develop and implement an innovative real time performance monitoring system that was later adopted by the Victorian Police and other fire services. He values the relationship between other agencies an organisations and has made plans and arrangements that help to ensure improved safety and operational efficiency.

“Every job has its ups and downs,” he said.

And while Geoff has experienced many different job titles in his time at the CFA, he has not been able to find a favourite valuing each one equally, whether it be volunteering, or as Deputy Chief Officer of Emergency Management. Throughout all his different positions, Geoff’s work ethic and humble nature have shone through.

AFSM Citation:

Mr Conway has given over 30 years' distinguished service to the Country Fire Authority in Victoria, rising through the ranks to the position of Deputy Chief Officer Emergency Management. 

His outstanding commitment to the safety of firefighters and the community is demonstrated through his leadership of the team that reviewed the Chief Officer's Standard Operating Procedures after the fatal Linton fires in 1998, leading to significant improvements in procedure and equipment safety; and through his development and implementation of an innovative real time performance monitoring' system, which was also adopted by Victoria Police and other fire services.

Mr Conway is totally committed to fostering sound operational relationships with other agencies and
organisations, delivering comprehensive arrangements and plans to ensure improved community safety and operational performance. His contribution to strategic development of the fire services both in Victoria and nationally has been outstanding.

Mr Conway has achieved great respect among his colleagues in the emergency services sector, and his expertise is widely sought among emergency management bodies in Australia and internationally.

Last Updated: 10 June 2013