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From bricks to fire safety

  • Recruit Shane Addison
  • Tattoos and slap bands with FF Doggett & Cpt McClure
  • Captain Koala dances the day away
  • Captain Koala and Friends
  • Dancing Gangman Style
  • Scoresby Fire Brigade Members

By: Wendy Cormack

Category: Community Safety, Events / Fundraising / Offers

  10.23 AM 19 March, 2013

Location: District 13 News

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On Saturday the Mirvac Group welcomed the Scoresby Fire Brigade, residents and public to Harcrest Estate’s open day, located at the site of the old Brickworks, Stud Road.

This occasion provided an opportunity for the Brigade to say “Hi” to many of the residents, while promoting home fire safety, change your clock and recruitment.

BASO Wendy Cormack said “While talking about home safety it became very clear how many residents didn’t have an escape plan and didn’t realise they needed to test the battery in their hard wired smoke detectors”.

“As recruitment was also a focus on the day, it was awesome having three new recruits willing to lend a hand. As these boys moved through the crowd, they were able to speak about their own experiences and the fulfilment of being a brigade member”.

On a lighter note, Captain Koala was a huge hit with all the children, especially when he joined in the dancing at the Fox FM stand. Firefighter Tammy Nagorcka and recruit Shane Addison were seen dancing to PSY’s Gangnam Style to the amusement of onlookers.

As the day was nearing an end, the children got an unexpected surprise, when Scoresby’s pumper left the event to a turnout with lights flashing and sirens blaring.


Last Updated: 19 March 2013