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From NSW to Vic, volunteering is in Tam’s blood

By: Louise Haughton

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  11.19 AM 31 March, 2017

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Tam Adams is a highly valued CFA volunteer with Benambra Brigade. She joined the brigade in 2013 and shortly nominated to become Secretary.

Her family moved to Benambra Victoria from Wakool NSW where her and her husband Glenn helped run the family farm and were both involved in the Rangemore Rural Fire Service.

“Glenn is an Agricultural Pilot and we moved because work was available here in Benambra,” said Tam.

“Working for Alpine Airwork he spends a lot of the summer working for Alpine Airwork doing Aerial Fire Spotting in the High Country region.

“Not all fires are spotted by aircraft though; we had an interesting callout last summer where a fire tower called in a smoke plume sighting, so our Brigade was responded. That summer day it was 2 degrees, it was freezing.

“It took the crew about 15 minutes to arrive on scene, and when the crew arrived they found a resident had decided to get the wood heater going for the first time in a while because it was so cold.

“We all laughed, but that’s how it is out here; a lot different to Tocumwal where I grew up.

“Weather in the High Country is fairly unpredictable.”

Tam said she really enjoys the camaraderie and family atmosphere of the brigade.

“Working locally means when a fire call comes through I am usually the first one to respond; I open up the station doors, warm up the vehicles, and then get on the radios.

“In small communities we band together, but I’ve really noticed that like all rural locations the younger generations need to step up and keep up the CFA tradition.

“I’m hoping my joining has possibly encouraged other younger members to join too.

“We’re always looking for more members! There are so many roles in our brigade, from firefighting to catering, radios to peer support.

“We have so many great volunteers like Pauline Cook who is a part of the CFA Peer Support Program and Pauline Connley comes in to assist with catering to the team. These ladies are such a valued support to our brigade and have been for many many years. Its now time for younger ones to step in and have a go.”

If you are thinking of becoming a CFA member, call 1800 232 636 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: 31 March 2017