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Gen Y let down as volunteers, I want to hear from the Y's

By: Chantelle Sobczyk

  11.00 AM 30 November, 2009

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I am wanting to hear from Gen Y, Y they are not stepping up and filling the volunteer ranks

Would you be a firie, yes, no? why, why not?

Hey everyone,

This year I have been selected as a Heywire winner with the ABC due to writing a piece about the Gen Y let down as volunteer fire fighters and how the average age of  a volunteers is slowly creeping higher at 46 years

of age.

I want to know from you some of the reasons our age group people decide/ decide against becoming a volunteer and what you think would entice Gen Y to become a fire fighter.

These opinions will be taken to the youth issues forum in canberra in febuary.

the link to the article is here

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