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Gippsland staff trained up

  • Gippsland Staff Minimum Skills Training

On 25and 26November, a team from Gippsland Region and afar participated in Wildfire Minimum Skills training with the help of Terry Hanley, Doug Bracks and Peter Hodges at West Sale Training Campus.

The team spent two days working on developing their fire ground skills before the upcoming fire season. They enhanced their knowledge in wildfire behaviour, weather, topography, fuel arrangement and types.  They completed practical training including; Tanker knowledge and pumping, hose work, sinking hydrants and the essential safety burn over drill. They completed their assessment successfully at the end of the course which also included the other study areas of communication and map ready skills.

The participants included: Cheryl Shields (Gippsland), Mick Shields (Gippsland), Jo Melton (District 9 BASO), Sarah Hollingsworth (District 9/10 BASO), Blanche Evans (District 11 DSO), Robyn Dodd (HR Manager), Emily Haala (District 10 BASO), Vanessa McLeod (Gippsland), Lisa Chng (HQ), Dot Stoll (District 9 DSO).

Last Updated: 29 November 2013