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Go Home On Time Day coming soon

  • Go Home on Time Day

By: Michele Konheiser

Category: Health & Safety, People

  3.57 PM 12 November, 2012

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Organisational Wellbeing is always looking for opportunities to support the wellbeing of our members. And that’s why we’re promoting Go Home On Time Day in 2012.

The day was conceived as a light-hearted way to start a serious conversation about the impact of poor work/life balance on our health, relationships and workplaces. Now in its fourth year, Go Home On Time Day is an initiative of The Australia Institute, a public policy think tank based in Canberra.

How do I get involved?

You’ll need to focus on the little things that don’t cost any money. Go to your work calendar or diary now and check your commitments and meetings scheduled for the 21st November 2012. If the workload scheduled for 21st November will prevent you from leaving work at the time you should, consider the suggestions below:

  • Block out the period 4pm to 5pm for tidy up work or minor tasks
  • Start a discussion with your line manager about leaving on time on the 21st November.
  • Reschedule non urgent meetings that occur in the last hour of your work day
  • If you must attend a meeting that will require you to work past your normal finish time, speak to your line manager about starting later in the morning, therefore maintaining a healthy work/life balance on the 21st November
  • Make plans with a loved one, friend or colleague to meet up for dinner or a movie. Since you’ll be leaving on time, you’re more committed (and able) to make it to social engagements.
  • Encourage working family members and brigade members to adopt the GHOT Day as well.
  • If you notice a colleague making plans or attending to work that may commit them to staying back later, ask if they’re participating in GHOTD

What else is Organisational Wellbeing doing?

  • We’re researching ways to prepare people psychologically to deal with challenges in CFA
  • We’re developing a wellbeing strategy
  • We've also recently released new online self-help resources. PPC Online is an online wellbeing resource. It provides interactive and user friendly information and guidance on work and personal issues. It contains an extensive library of informative articles developed by PPC Worldwide's team of professional counsellors. To access PPC Online resource enter Username: CFA and Password: Wellbeing (all are case sensitive)

And Remember to…….. Go Home on Time on 21st November 2012.

Last Updated: 12 November 2012