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Golden Square’s rehab unit online

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  10.43 AM 17 March, 2015

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District 2 Fire Fighters now have access to a Firefighter Rehabilitation Unit located at Golden Square which can be requested through VicFire to attend any fire or incident requiring firefighters to be put through rehabilitation.

Heat related illness has always been a factor involved in firefighter operations, however the introduction of structural PPC that provides a superior level of protection from radiant heat has brought about increased risks to firefighters which must be a serious consideration for Incident Controllers.

Research has indicated that traditional methods of rehabilitation (shade & a drink) are not adequately reducing a firefighter’s core temperature before they are redeployed into an active role.

Significant research indicates that the most effective method of rehabilitation is hand & forearm immersion in cool water, combined with shade & an intake of water & electrolytes whilst being rotated through a work/rest cycle.

Golden Square’s Rehabilitation Unit provides the ability for 9 firefighters to be in rehabilitation at one time inside a large marquee at your fire or incident. Fire Fighters are signed in to & out of the rehab unit and are provided with water, electrolytes & basic food.

The Golden Square Rehab Operators liaise with the Incident Controller to integrate the rehab unit into the incident & utilise the CFA Heat Stress Management chart to suggest work/rest rotation cycles of firefighters.

Firefighters are in rehabilitation for at least 20mins before being released, if appropriate, into a reduced activity task & then back into active firefighting duties as dictated by the Incident Controller.

The Golden Square Rehabilitation Unit also features a defibrillator and basic First Aid facilities.

The Golden Square Rehabilitation Unit is carried on the existing Golden Square Salvage vehicle, meaning along with the rehab facility you will also have access to a range of scene lighting, portable generators, a large PPV, a wet & dry vacuum cleaner & general salvage equipment.
Consider responding the Golden Square Rehabilitation Unit in the following circumstances:

  • Any fire or incident involving multiple BA wearers, undertaking multiple shifts in warm/hot weather conditions, or strenuous working conditions.
  • Any fire or incident with a duration of 1hour or greater.
  • Any incident involving crews wearing Gas or Splash Suits.
  • Any fire or incident where the Incident Controller deems rehabilitation of firefighters necessary.

For further information regarding the Golden Square Rehabilitation Unit or to organise the unit for your Group or Brigade training night please contact 1st Lieutenant Tim McNeilly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: 19 March 2015